Gorgous Bay Dun Filly Cute'ilicious, Splash and overo,

bloodlines include: First Down/ Just Shameless/ Kid Clu/ Shez a baby grand..

2017 Cutie has had a beautiful blue overo colt to Boo that our stud will keep as a future Stud

left empty for 2018

Cutie foaled a stunning black filly 2019 that has sold to Sam Qld 

Hasta be A Chance

we bred this mare 14 years ago and are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to buy her back as a broodmare

Special Affects / Cassius Deck/ Sissy Go Lucky Bloodlines

Peggy Sue

solid Phaa mare

Bloodlines include: Ford Shameless Cowboy/ Broomfield King/Mr Shameless/ A Hotrodder Design..

in foal to our newest stud APQ Blue Perfexion

due to foal Sept 2020 for a Black or blue foal

Jabelle Somthin Angelic Q-78935 (HF) has been chosen as a

broodmare for Cash, Boo and Splash

bloodlines include /HF Somthin Hot /Annlee Heaven Ceent/ Barpasser/ Radical Rodder

PTIF to our newest Stud APQ Blue Perfexion due August 2020

for a Black or blue foal

Sheez an obsession

Ash will be bred to our new stud APQ Blue Perfexion for a black or blue roan foal due 2021

APQ Dun By Chance 14141..

Bloodlines include: Holster Special chance/ Special Affects/ First Down/One scotch delight..

(Lacey) PTIF to Boo and due 2020 for a black or blue foal Oct 2020

Pure Perfexion, (China) Multi National Champion..

Bloodlines include: Holster Special Chance / Cassius Deck/ Ellron Sir Cool Perfexion/ Sir Cool Skip/ Exceptionist/ Valley Ipswich/ Special Affects.

My beautiful China Girl

stunning 2018 colt sold to Kayla NSW

China will be bred to Original Cowboy USA for 2020

BPS Famous Beauty 13634, ( Delta) overo mare

Bloodlines include: Just Shameless/ First Down/ Beggar Bingo Rose/ Texas Trademark/ Garbo..

PTIF to Boo for a blue or black foal Sept 2020

APS Mile High Club, solid paint

Bloodlines include Mr Confidential/ First Down/ Time to Rumble

Sharni PTIF to our new Stud APQ Blue Perfexion for a black or blue foal 2020

Blissfully Charmed PHAA# 16458

bloodlines include First Down/ Shes Ebonyandivory/ Double K Jumbo Joe/ Versas Spicey Star/A Hotrodder Design

Misket has been PTIF to THE PERFEXIONIST due Sept 2020

CC Iron Elegance, QH a beautifully bred mare with World Champion Bloodlines

Iron Age/ Tall Dark and Radical/ Winderadeen Okay By me

PTIF to THE PERFEXIONIST for a Brown or black foal 2020

Elli fol to THE PERFEXIONIST for 2019

Mother to THE PERFEXIONIST this mare has since passed but GSQ BlackTE deserves her place on this page RIP old girl xx

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