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Splash Babies 

Splash babies are proving to be identical to their dad in looks and movement, we are very happy with what Splash is producing with 90% of foals being blue to solid mares these babies will be versatile like dad, Pleasure, Ranch or chase a Cow.

we have had a glitch in our program and have lost photos of Splash babies, so if you have a Splash baby please contact us with photos so we can update pics.. 

splash babies _edited.jpg

Two Splash babies enjoying a nap 

HF Colt1.jpg
HF colt_edited.jpg

Gorgeous black Colt with identical white markings to his dad 

Splash Roan Filly out of chestnut QH mare

splash faith_edited_edited.jpg

Blue roan solid Filly proudly owned by Judy NSW

splash judy.JPEG

Splash Roan Colt out of Chestnut QH mare

mandy spl.JPG
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