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PRODUCING National and Futurity Champions at Halter and Performance, He also Sired the HIGHEST PLACED 2yr old Paint at the NPHA 2014, and is sire to the super talented mare Pure Perfexion and Gelding Western Perfexion,
anyone who owns a Boo baby will tell you his foals all have amazing temperaments,  are easy to train and have natural movement and ability, Boo was colour tested in the USA to be EE aa Rr, which means he carries only one colour gene - BLACK. He has the roan modifier. EE = homo black, no red gene. aa = no bay gene, Rr means 1 copy of roan gene.
So in plain English, he cannot produce a chestnut foal to any mare.
He still is the ONLY homozygous black roan halter bred horse in Australia, perhaps the world, we can't find another on the USA stud book.
Boo has without a doubt producing the goods, the quality of his foals are outstanding , pretty heads, short backs, strong hips, straight legs with good sized hooves to hold the muscles, colour wise he has produced 80% Roan foals , If you are serious about breeding a quality foal, then Boo is your man,  as he stamps each and every foal with his amazing looks and sweet temperament.

Service Fee $1750 or by private treaty to Champion producing mares

Ellron Sir Cool Perfexion

High Point American Halter Horse Of Australia

Negative for PSSM and the 5 Panel Test

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